Tyler and Debbie


From 2015-2022 Tyler Whitmore and Debbie Labonski created beautifully staged houses for their real estate clients and home sellers. To make their stagings stand apart, they featured unique items meticulously curated to compliment the style of each individual home.

Although they are no longer staging, their design aesthetic is now carried over to their furniture showroom which opened in January 2022

“We are looking to delight our customers with one-of-a-kind pieces curated with an eye toward understated elegance’ - Tyler

The showroom will be open one weekend per month as well as Wednesdays through Fridays. This leaves Tyler and Debbie time during the week to curate, design and refurbish finds cultivated from their travels up and down the east coast. 

“We are thrilled to be doing what we love; hunting for furniture with good bones and great lines and transforming them into treasures that become the statement piece in any room.” -Debbie

In addition to furniture, the showroom offers accessories, lamps, rugs and original art, all presented to look collected over time—the way a home should feel. Recently, the two entrepreneurs opened their Kitchen+Bath Shop where they sell eco-friendly products--beautifully designed, really work and make wonderful gifts!